Thursday, August 7, 2008

still confused

So I just subscribed to my own blog to see if yall are getting my updates cause i'm not sure if i did any of this right!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hey everyone, I hope yall are having a great summer, it's starting to warm up here but it rains all the time. This small town west Texas girl isn't used to all of it. So this month I have been helping out at the Otumoetai primary school. I am in a class with all five year olds. Here they start their first year of school the day they turn five. I love helping out with this class. I just go one day a week but I have already gotten to know the kids and the teacher pretty well. My team and I try to make visits to people in the church every week. Something else I am really looking forward to is a boxing class I am taking. I joined a gym and they offer boxing classes and I have gone to them for about a week. They are very intense but my goal is for this to be a outreach/ministry opportunity. I have already met three ladies/teens since I've been there and I'm hoping to make this a daily routine to meet a lot more people that go there. I really think this is an opportunity God is giving me here because it's a way for me to step out of my comfort zone and talk to random people but I'm comfortable in this environment. I've never been one to just go up to someone off the street and start talking to them so I'm praying I will reach out to people in the community through these classes. Me and this lady at church have been working on starting up a walking program for women. We go up to the church and show a 2 mile walking video two days a week. So far we have two people that are our "regulars" and we are encouraging many others to come as well. Our goal is to fill up the church auditorium by the time I leave the field. These are only a few of the ministries I have been working on so far and I pray that there will be many more opportunities to come. Please pray for me and my team out here in New Zealand and that we reach out to the community every chance we get. Thank you for all your prayers and support.
In Him,
Kristi Miller

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Trying new things

Hello everyone. So I am trying something new! I don't know it if will turn out better or worse so please feel free to have a say in this. I am working on setting up a blog so I can keep everyone updated with the work and things I am doing out here. I want to keep you updated through a blog and just send out a quarterly newsletter. I am trying it this way because sometimes not much really goes on in just one month so I don't have much information to make a newsletter so If I tell you daily or everyother day what goes on then you will still be updated with the work here. But I am just now learning this blog so it make take me a little bit to get everything set up and get pictures on here and organized but I can at least post every so often.